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Aaaahhh he39s the voice actor for so many anime characters that I39ve
Aaaahhh he's the voice actor for so many anime characters that I've watched and love! > <
voice actor Shinnosuke Tachibana characters
Grimmjow and Freed's voice actor. :) and voices many more too
Really great voice work. Most of the time, his characters are my favorite
I love how these anime characters have the same English voice actors
Voice Actor for Mao soooo cute
Aya Hirano is so many characters!
english anime voice actors | Voice actor; NANA MIZUKI - Anime Photo (23967061) - Fanpop fanclubs
Voice Actor: Nobuhiko Okamoto
Seiyuu of Sensuousity ~~~ Shin-ichiro Miki (not only Yohji, but also so many other cravable male characters, too!)
Happy's voice actor! And also, Louise, Taiga, and Shana's voice actor :D Rie Kugimiya A.K.A. The Queen of Tsundere :) I love her! <3
Japanese voice actors, Black Butler, Junjo Romantica, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Aot, and two I haven't seen.
Jun Fukuyama Jun Fukuyama, Voice Actor, Attack On Titan, Shingeki No Kyojin,
Whaaatt the hell that's the voice actor of hikaro hittachin & and Kiro & the lord with the blond hair on the bottom left from the blck Butler - I forgot his ...
Kana Hanazawa also voice acted for Onodera (Nisekoi), Roka Shibaski (D-Frag!), and Yu Naruse (WataMote). Favorite voice actress.
Voice Actor: Daisuke Kishio he does the horrible purple haired guy from La Corda d'oro... Ok maybe not horrible but I still don't like him.
Ayumi Fujimura Voice Acting, The Voice, Manga Sites, Sua Voz, Maid Sama
Mamoru Miyano is the voice actor of Zero and Ichiro from Vampire Knight, Taichi from Chihayafuru and Saruhiko Fushimi from K and many other characters.
Laura Bailey Voice Collection by VGAfanatic
DAISUKE HIRAKAWA (Ao Haru Ride as Youichi Tanaka, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club as
Campione Anime, Voice Acting, The Voice, Japanese Video Games, Anime Mangas
Cassandra Lee Morris Cassandra Lee, Voice Actor, The Voice, Random Things, Otaku
Voice Actor: Mamoru Miyano He does so many great ones.Light, kiba, Tamaki, Death the Kid.
Seiyuu Rie Kugimiya! Aye sir!
Voice Actor: Takahiro Sakurai. This is too funny. Holy crap, he was Claude AND Cloud?
Michelle Ruff Voice Actor, Actors & Actresses, Vocaloid, The Voice, Random Things
Jad Saxton Voice Actor, Psych, Actors & Actresses, The Voice, Otaku,
Maeno Tomoaki Takahiro Sakurai, Manga List, Online Anime, Voice Actor, Anime Guys
right now I'm having a wtf moment trying to process the fact that Yukio from Ao No Exorcist and Grell from Black Butler have the same voice actor O.O
Voice Actor · MASAKAZU MORITA http://www.facebook.com/Japan360 Tiger And Bunny
steve Blums voices Steve Blum, Voice Acting, The Voice, Phil Lamarr, Childhood
Sebastian Michaelis, Asahina Subaru | Seiyuu | Pinterest | Anime, Voice actor and Manga
bryce papenbrook voice actings(: | åиιмє νoiçє åçтσɾѕ | Pinterest | Voice actor, Anime and The voice
The Voice Of - Jason Marsden by Legion472.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt
Image result for Eric Vale Steve Blum, Voice Actor, Psych, Actors & Actresses
Seiyuu Kouki Uchiyama.
Yūki Kaji - Cerca con Google Anime Land, Kanato Sakamaki, Kenma, Voice Actor
Yuuichi Nakamura (Grey (Fairy Tail), Tomoya ( Clannad), Ikuto (Shugo Chara) )
Junichi Suwabe voice
'Howl's Moving Castle' characters & voice actors--->>> No frigging way! I've no idea Josh is Michael.
So many from Katekyo Hitman REBORN!
Image result for Luci Christian Voice Acting, The Voice, Actors & Actresses, The
SUGIYAMA NORIAKI (Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto/ Naruto Shippuden), Uryū Ishida (Bleach), Shirō Emiya (Fate/stay night)
Some of the characters that Jim Cummings voiced! Voice Actor, The Voice, Childhood
The Voice Of - Kevin McDonald by Legion472.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt
Carlos Alazraqui as Denzel Crocker.
Bryce Papenbrook - english voice actor of eren from attack on titan
voice actor. :)
Voices some of my favorite characters!
(Dio Junyou Weinberg - Buddy Complex, Yuuki Natsuno-Shiki, Midnight-Fairy Tail, Alice Color- Kamisama No Ina… | ANIME VOICE ACT(OR/RESS) | Pinte…
Yuri Lowenthal Naruto Run, Ben 10 Alien Force, Voice Acting, The Voice,
Voice Actor: Yuki Kaji
Suzuki Tatsuhisa I should've known there was a reason I really loved Haru! IT'S BECAUSE HE'S VOICED BY THE SAME GUY AS MAKOTO!! OH MY GOSH!
Favorite Voice Actors and Seiyuu one piece - Google Search
tom kenny all voices | Tom Kenny Voices Tom kenny. the greatest voice
Yusa Koji Daisuke Namikawa, Voice Acting, The Voice, Anime Recommendations, Bleach Anime
Laura Bailey character collage by EmSeeSquared on DeviantArt. Such an amazing voice actress! And I love watching her on Table Top, too.
Kakashi and Gildarts' voice actor. :)
Image result for brittney karbowski characters Voice Actor, Actors & Actresses, The Voice,
Cherami Leigh character collage by EmSeeSquared on deviantART
She is amazing, 'nuff said Dank Anime Memes, Hataraku Maou Sama, Shugo
Kappei Yamaguchi Death Note L
Hikaru Midorikawa Code Geass, Voice Actor, Diabolik Lovers, Manga Games, Dramas,
Seiyuu for Sanji from one piece
Aaron Dismuke: The original voice of Alphonse Elric.
Seiyuu's Little Forest
[Little Facts about Japanese Voice Actor / Seiyuu] [DO NOT REPOST] [Source available on request]
Tress MacNeille is one of the best voice actors of all time. Don't pay attention to what this page says about her net worth because you all know she's ...
Mamiko Noto. Can't forget Saya Irino from Black Rock Shooter! Voice Acting
Vic Mignogna Otaku Anime, All Anime, Anime Love, Anime Stuff, Vampire Knight
Seiyuu Hiroshi Kamiya
She plays a lot of characters, including Ur, Ultear, Virgo, Celty, Elesa... wow, that's a lot. c:
Seiyuu Umehara Katsuki Bakugou Karma, Rin, Rayo, Usagi, Kise,Usui,
Voice Actor: Sugita Tomokazu or Rie Kugimiya Artist: Amazume Ryuta - Comment #391793 added by yeorgh at Anime & Manga - anime shows, anime g.
Japanese voice actor of Byakuya kuchiki.
Bryce Papenbrook - english voice actor of kirito from sword art online Anime Conventions, Sword
Hiroyuki Yoshino (Debito (Aracana Famiglia), Kai (Blood+), Heisuke (Hakuouki), Nanaya (Monochrome Factor), Daichi (Shugo Chara) )
Aya Hisakawa Voice Actor, The Voice, Geek
Mekakucity Actors || Anime Quote
These are the voice actors behind the Attack on Titan characters. Even Levi's voice actor is hot.
Voice Acting, The Voice, Otaku Issues, I Love
Aaron Dismuke (Bassist)
Natsu and Amaimon's voice actor!! Tetsuya Kakihara
JUKI KAJI: Voice of Todoroki (Bnha) , Eren jaeger (Snk) , kenma kozume (haikyuu) & Meliodas (Nanatsu no taizai)
Fairy tail voice actors.... Lucy, Juvia, Mirajane, Virgo, Aries, Aquarius
starring billy west - Google Search Voice Actor, Bart Simpson, Random Stuff, Futurama
Daisuke ONO ~~ Merely one hell of a seiyuu who plays characters with a penchant
Omg.... I still in shock.... KARMA MISUKI AND USUI! I HEAR THEIR VOICES AND LIKE "Why do their voices sound familiar?" THIS IS WHY
MARIYA ISE I Love Anime, Awesome Anime, Anime Guys, Manga Anime, Voice
Voice Actor, Attack On Titan, Random, Actors, The Originals, Shingeki No
Rob Paulsen Rob Paulsen, Voice Acting, The Voice, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,
Ao Haru Ride Tanaka-sensei & Shūko Murao
Yuki Kaji <<<< He's so cool! He voices
Yuu Kobayashi is the original voice actress of Sasha Blouse (Shingeki no Kyojin)
it must be very MOMENT if you know who's the Psychotic Killer | Anime Otaku Stuff's | Pinterest | Anime, Corpse party and Manga
I acted to you devuuuuu... now I think you understood...🔥💎💘👄💋💙😘😍❣👅😂🙏✌❤💚😊🤘😬🗣💘🖕Anime:Isshuukan Friends
Kensho Ono & Yuuki Ono (Kuroko to Kagami) Voice Acting, The Voice,